Some people love to have plants in their home, while others don’t want to deal with the headache. Do you know though, that plants aren’t just making your home look nice, they can also have a beneficial effect on the air quality in your home?

Many things in your home give off airborne chemicals that end up in the air you breathe. While not harmful in small doses, they can affect your health. Plants in your home can actually filter out these chemicals and thus improve your air quality.

You do need to be careful so that you don’t inadvertently introduce new chemicals to the air while caring for your plants. You should not use chemical fertilizer on the plants. You should also consider the amount of moisture that the plants might be adding to the air. This could be a concern if it condensates and causes water damage. The same is the case if you were to overwater your plants. Keeping the plants on an oversized tray can minimize the risk of water leaking and causing damage.

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